Terms and Conditions

Reponsibility of data

 You are solely responsible for the data and information you post, upload or provide via the site.


 Freelancer account you create and the information provided must reflect your true and original freelancing background meaning that you shall not be allowed in any form to make fake profiles, experience related details or projects completed.

Reservation of rights

Jetvik and its licensors each own and retain their respective rights in and to all logos, company names, marks, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how, patents and patent applications that are used or embodied in or otherwise related to the Site and Content.

Jetvik has all the rights to make changes to the site or its content, appearance, functionality and process.

Project Work Ethics & Process

Freelancers shall work together with a project manager assigned by Jetvik and be responsible for delivering the work assigned on or before the deadlines defined by Jetvik’s authorized personnel.

Both freelancers and the project cordinator/manager are responsible for responding to all the correspondence between the same parties including gmail or official correspondence channels defined and introduced by Jetvik.

Both freelancers and the service provider shall maintain the practice not to harm the reputation of the brand of each party.

Termination of Access

Jetvik may use their all the rights to terminate your access to the site and projects in the case of any breach of terms and conditions mentioned in the terms and conditions section of this site, fraud, violations or conviction by the law of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Terms and Conditions Updates

Jetvik reserves the right to make changes or do any modifications to the terms and conditions and the freelancers/the users of this site are bound to read and understand the changes or amendments regularly.